Friday, May 20, 2011

Superintendent Search Update.

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, our superintendent candidates met with the Board, a group consisting of Worthington School District Staff members and a separate group consisting of parents, community leaders, community volunteers and a student representative.  I want to take a moment to extend a note of thanks to all of these people who took time out of their schedules in this busy time of year to put in two very full nights with our Superintendent candidates.

The Board of Education intends to proceed in a very deliberate fashion. Last night, the Board met in Executive Session for approximately 3 hours and started going over the volume of information we have collected on all four candidates, including the evaluations  from community and staff. There is a lot of material provided by the candidates in their applications and a lot of research into the history, background and accomplishments of each of these educational leaders and the Board is doing its due diligence to go over all of it.

The Board will again come together to continue our discussion after our regular board meeting on May 23 and we have scheduled another executive session on May 26 where we hope to conclude this process. No decision will be announced prior to May 26. I thank the Worthington community for all of their emails and phone calls (keep them coming) and also for their patience.

If you'd like to email or contact the Board or any of its individual members, you can get our phone numbers and email addresses here:

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